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Our Offerings Include State and Federal Tax Credits and Opportunity Zone Investment

Various government programs produce tax incentives that can be monetized through public and private partnerships. Cabretta monetizes these credits to create equity for qualifying ventures.  In every case, legislators have created these programs to incentivize behavior that is good for its citizens, but not necessarily something the private industry would do without incentive.


Cabretta helps connect the credit producer or developer with the end user of the credit.  Often the timing and size does not add up.  The developer needs capital upfront to produce the credit and the end user may not need a whole production or development.  Cabretta bridges the gap between producer/developer capital needs and investor tax appetite.

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Cabretta Capital State Tax Credits

State Tax Credits

Cabretta Capital Federal Historic Tax Credits

Federal Historic Tax Credits

Cabretta Capital Opportunity Zone Fund Investments

Opportunity Zone Investment Funds

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We are a specialty finance firm with expertise in structured tax credit equity and Opportunity Zone Fund Equity.

Based in Savannah, Georgia, our firm utilizes niche knowledge of the inner workings of public-private partnerships to identify valuable tax incentives which can be monetized by the generator of the incentive and utilized by a taxpayer. Monetizing these tax incentives leads to desirable results that most likely would not occur in the market, such as the creation of affordable housing or the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings.

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