Hilton Head town council approves affordable housing framework

Hilton Head town council approves affordable housing framework

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WTOC) – As you may remember, an affordable housing framework was presented to Hilton head town council at a workshop last week.

Tuesday, they voted to approve that framework.

The members in attendance voted unanimously to put this housing framework into action, a responsibility that falls on the town manager.

“It gives me confidence to move forward and work in that regard with their vote of support,” Town Manager Marc Orlando said.

Just like the workshop last week, support of this framework was evident as community member after community stated.

Councilman Alex Brown says today’s approval is a huge step toward this island becoming a leader on affordable housing.

“Yes this is a national issue, but Hilton Head is different, we’re unique and we figure things out and come together to get things done. Finally we’ve taken that on when it comes to housing,” Councilman Alexander Brown said.

The framework’s built around 4 pillars or goals and 7 strategies. Something Brown believes sets it apart from plans of the past.

“The biggest difference as we all know is that we’ve got a funding mechanism attached to it so we’re truly in the business this time.”

Revenue is the 4th and final pillar of the plan, but town leaders say all the goals intertwine allowing action to be taken right away.

“Those funds allow me to recruit and hire a professional that understands housing policy.”

Although there wasn’t much discussion Tuesday, an amendment was added to this framework that will put at least a million dollars to the project every year moving forward.

It was clarified that starts with the fiscal year we are already in, essentially kicking off the towns official efforts with this project.

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